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Hi, I'm Tinneke.

Atelier Tinika is an art and design studio founded in 2015.
I'm a fine artist, (fashion) illustrator and graphic designer,
based in Keerbergen, Belgium.

My work is characterized by sensitive brushstrokes with a touch of playfulness, while the female figure is a fundamental source of inspiration. I like to play with the texture of the paint or charcoal. My goal is to capture the feminine power, sensuality, vulnerability, and aesthetics. Each work depends on my own emotion, so I usually consider the result as my alter ego.


How it all started

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawing every chance I can get (even all over the attic staircase). Back then, I already knew I wanted to do something creative. 

I have been painting and drawing all my life. In my teenage years, I made my first wall paintings as an extra income. 

After my studies, I worked as a graphic designer. But I couldn't resist drawing and painting. So in 2010, I created my first blog Atelier Tinika* to share my passion. Later on - in 2015 - I decided to offer services, like murals, customized paintings, and illustrations.

*Why the name Atelier Tinika?

Tinika comes from my nickname, while I was working with English colleagues.

What I do

Currently, I work part-time as a graphic designer.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, you can find me in my art studio.

I regularly exhibit at art markets and manage my own shop. I've had the opportunity to have great projects such as international marketing illustrations for Babylonia, a T-shirt collection with Helder, a sustainable fashion label, and tailor-made paintings for brands, shops, and interiors.


In my online shop, you can buy handmade stationery, original paintings, and art prints.


I live with my husband, and two little children in Keerbergen, Belgium. We love to go to the sea or spend time in our cozy garden.


What inspires me


You've probably noticed I've made a lot of fashion illustrations and paintings. The female body or poses are an unlimited source of inspiration I love to draw. Fashion photography or art direction lifts this inspiration up.


I'm very inspired by the organic shapes of nature. Flowers are just the most beautiful things in the world. Nature we have to cherish!


When I see an object or setting with a certain composition or if it has beautiful color combinations, it will immediately inspire me to paint!

"I like the packaging so much that I even want to keep the products in the box, haha! A real must have :)!"

LISA - Brand & event manager

Press & features


Want to work together?

Whether you're a brand or potential licensing client looking for art for your products or if you're looking for wholesale products for your shop, I can't wait to learn more about you! Please contact me and I'll get back to you within 24-48 hours! 

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