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The 1940s is the age we all know of World War II. It was the biggest catastrophic event that have ever happened to modern man. This decade wàs the War, people were fighting either recovering from it. Every single man, women and child was actively involved in The War. Because men were fighting, women had to take over men's duties.

There were three main group of clothing:

1. utility clothing

2. uniforms

3. work clothing, like overalls etc.

In general women wore big hats, midriff dresses with large padded shoulders and clumpy platform heeled shoes. The hemline was rising to the knee. Big red lips were a part of the beauty ideal (read more details about their beauty at Margo's post).

This strong silhouette was made sexy with sweetheart necklines, rushing and accessories. The palette was bold and strong.

'Victory rolls' were popular hairdo's. Headscarves (first worn for safety in fabrics) and turbans ended up as glamour items.

Nylon stocking were invented.

Fun fact: If they didn't get stockings, women painted their legs, so it looked like they were wearing stockings.

Now have a look at Margo's beautiful illustrations. She will talk about their beauty and makeup rituals!


After World War II, people wanted to draw a line under absolutely everything that had gone before and essentially start the 20th Century anew. And it started in 1947,.... with a whole new look. See you next time, in the 50s!


Book : fashion design 1800-1940 (The Pepin Press)

Book : Fashion - Volume II (Taschen)

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