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Hi guys, after a big summer break, we're back in business! Welcome to the sixties!

In the sixties the baby boomers were earning money now. It was a very prosperous and playfulness time, a return to childhood. But this was a reaction of just how scary it was in the 'adult world'. Because it was also the time Kennedy was killed, people were shocked! The time of the civil rights movements, were Martin Luther King, Malcolm X,... all assassinated. The Vietnam war... Such a terrifying period and people wanted to escape from this world.

The sixties was also the era of the Beatles, Janis Joplin, Twiggy, Jane Birkin,... All influencers, which reflects in sixties fashion.

The designers of the decade were: Mary Quand and Ossie Clark.

There were 3 fashion styles:

  1. The early sixties : a continuation of the 'New look' and the boxy slim silhouette.

  2. Mid sixties: The mini-skirt, paired with newly invented pantyhose (tights) and pants for all occasions.

  3. Late sixties: Floating, nostalgic, romantic clothes and often with an ethnic flavor. note: This style we often associate with hippies and is often misunderstood as originating in The Seventies. The Hippy Movement had nothing to do with The seventies!



The cultural hotspot was England. The City's vibrant music and arts scene heavily influenced the development of different youth cultures, with its own sartorial style.

The body ideal was a skinny adolescent look. The palette was bold, fun and bright.

The 'Space Race' also sparked the imaginations of futuristic fashion designers, with metallic fabrics and futuristic cutouts.

Hallucinatory drugs were used by many of the disillusioned young, and even those who never dropped acid embraced the psychedelic fashion inspired by LSD.



Later on the trendier kids were moving from the mini-skirt look to a style that was all about nostalgia for the Victorian or Edwardian eras, which were seen as innocent and peaceful. This new style was known as the 'Hippy movement', with characteristics like paisley and floral patterns, long skirts, feathers, cottage leave haircut, moustages and the 'Afghan (smelly) coat'. Also men were re-embracing the more extreme side of fashion again - called the 'Peacock revolution' with bold patterns and Edwardian suits, eg. Jimmy Hendrix. The cultural hotspot was India.


Check out Margo's beautiful drawings, and know more about their hair and makeup !



Book: Fashion drawing 2nd Edition - Michele Wesen Bryant

Book: High Fashion, The 20th Century decade by decade - Emmanuelle Dirix

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