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Favorite Fashion Style 2024

While I was wearing my sweatpants, these collections gave me an instant feminine empowering vibe. All the designs are so beautiful and give a real wow-factor!

I'm already eager to sketch out these designs!

What do you think of the collections,... any favorites?

chloé collection winter 2024

Chloé winter 2024

The German designer Chemena Kamali has enchanted us with her first fashion show for the autumn-winter collection of 2024-25. With remarkable cuts and a delightful touch of the 70s, she brings to life a bohemian femininity that embodies the essential idea of Chloé: fashion steeped in nostalgia, where the woman is always free, sensual, natural, and autonomous. Wide-legged denim trousers take center stage, while Western-style shorts, a mix of leather, spacious fabrics, and playful fringes, make their appearance. The brand's airy aesthetic is evident in each piece, each with its own unique charm: ruffles, pleats, sheer fabrics, mini or maxi lengths, and a touch of faux nonchalance... every detail contributes to the timeless elegance of the collection.

Dries Van Noten winter collection 2024

Dries Van Noten 2024

With his latest collection, "The Woman Who Dares to Cut Her Own Fringe," Dries Van Noten once again showcases his bold vision by playing with a mix of colors, materials, styles... and even hairstyles. The designer, who has maintained a strong momentum for over 40 years, remains true to his ethos of spontaneity, desire, and continuous exploration. In this show, he enchanted us once again with his signature oversized suits with embroidered collars, zippered sweatshirts, impeccably tailored jackets, and of course, his distinctive elegant prints.

Van Noten perfectly encapsulated his vision when previewing the show: "Wearable doesn't have to be boring." In his own Belgian way, he didn't embrace conservative minimalism but rather embraced bold everydayness and individuality.


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