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STEP 1: concept

The idea of creating a new collection has been bubbling for a while. My goal is to organise a solo exhibition of this new release. Well, after creating my graphic design portfolio, my website & webshop, renovating our house, and making two babies, ... I thought it is time!

What should I paint?

My inspiration came when I saw a painting of Henri Matisse. He has painted several scenes of women in a domestic setting. I felt a connection because I have always been inside since the lockdown (like everybody probably did). Empty streets, empty shops, restaurants, businesses, ... The world stood still, like a still life.

This great impact also effectively brought a change in our society. New businesses, more awareness, other (work) methods, ...

It was/is a very weird time, but somehow it opened me up to new insights. Each person has his own goals and path. Blooming flowers are the symbol of the beauty of this journey. This is how my concept arose.

  • still life

  • flowers

  • woman (thinking, muse, day-dreaming,...)

  • in house

  • powerful matching colors

Below are all images that triggered me. Next, I made a selection for my mood board.

Matisse inspiration

Women in different settings inspiration. With a focus on look & feel and color pallet.

Matching flowers inspiration.

If you would like to follow along with my process, you can subscribe to my email list. I will give you some updates and you can see sneak peeks of these paintings. Finally, you will be the first to know when they will be released at my first solo exhibition!


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