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Studio Update


It's been a while, so here's a little update on what's been going on in the studio. These last months I had to take it easy, so everything has been put on the back burner. But it was itching to get back into action. So I've started things that make me feel good and give me energy, but at my own pace of course. That aside, back to the studio! There are a few things planned that I'd really like to share.

  • I have made a new collection of stationery. It will be launched soon, so stay tuned!

  • Mark your calendar for Sunday 26 June! Then I will participate in 'Het Makersloket' on the rooftop of M Hka, Antwerp! So cool 😎 Between 12 pm and 6 pm you can spot (or buy héhé) my stationery, art prints, and paintings. You can also nibble and drink something with a view of the Scheldt.

  • At the moment I'm working on a series of paintings and trying to plan an exhibition. When this is complete, you will see it on my website.

  • I've got a bunch of ideas up my sleeve for the holidays too - but more information on that later.

My inspiration remains with the 'Blossoming' theme. I always liked to paint flowers and it feels to go back to this theme at the moment. Flowers give me hope, beauty, peace, and joy. Our whole life is a growing process. (Obviously, but sometimes we might forget as we get older). Flourishing happens in several phases at different times in our life. Working or striving for a goal and the entire process around it makes life meaningful. My latest works are inspired by this. It's the feeling that flowers, plants, and still life give in our home, but they represent also a reflection of our soul.

I gained a lot of inspiration, listened to podcasts, watched tutorials, and read articles, all about creative businesses. Hopefully, this will help to level up Atelier Tinika.

I'd like to take you on my business journey and share everything about my next steps, how I make something, and everything behind the scenes. So, I want to show how my creative process works. If you are an artist or creative person yourself, I would like to help you with this as well. I want to share my knowledge with tips and ways that work for me or not. Because this world needs more beauty from our creativity, don't you think? More work and posts to follow in the blog category 'creative business'!

See you soon!




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Hi there!

My name is Tinneke De Block,
aka Tinika. This blog* is a means of sharing my artwork, collaborations, studies & processes, mood boards, personal life posts, interior design, fashion (history), and lots of creative inspiration!

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