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Love this southern vibe. The peach and earth tone colors. Comfy, natural clothes. Casually interior and ceramics. Picasso 'La Californie, 1955'.

I also bought this skirt from Two Thirds (see image above). It's a fair fashion brand, that protects the ocean.

Actually I try to make my lifestyle more eco-friendly. Since the lockdown, I had more time to find out what I really want and how I want to live. We worked in our garden and started gardening. We already have our first tomato plants! We try to find ways to collect as much rainwater as possible to water our plants for example. We eat less meat. I want to buy clothes more consciously, with respect for the environment.

I also finally found Yoga, I've been doing this every day for two months now. It seems like everybody is doing yoga, but I understand this now. I'm not a sporty person at ALL and this is the first sport that I really like to practice daily. But it is more than just exercise. It helps me to calm my mind and to have more respect and connection with my body.

Et voila, it’s not much but every little bit helps I think. I also hope that the world finally has learned its lessons from this crisis and that we are working together to take care of our beautiful planet. 🙏

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