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Our Wedding part 1: Styling

Last year my boyfriend and I got married. It was something I never thought I would do. But then, there it was. I was a bride. WHOA.

We split up our wedding in two days. On 14th of July we went to the city hall and did our photoshoot. Saturday 18th of July we had our party - an intimate BBQ in a barn. We had our first date on the 14th of July in a hammock, so it's a special date to us. The photoshoot was also very important to us and we made some extra time for it the whole afternoon.

I wanted to do this blogpost, because it surely was a major life event to me. Maybe, it also can inspire you, if you are getting married. So, I plan to create three posts of our wedding.

  • 1#: what kind of styling we chose, ideas, decoration, our invitations,...

  • 2#: the dress + inspiration, DIY wedding hair, accessories,..

  • 3#: our photoshoot

I was not a classic bride, even though I've worn that typical large skirt princess dress for a second just to 'feel it on' and giggled with my mom afterwards. But no, I found it a little too showy while you're getting noticed anyway as a bride - but that's another topic.

Our wedding was simple and romantic, with our closest family & friends. With focus on nature and a gypsy atmosphere, I guess they call it 'Bohemian'.

Above and below you can see a few ideas we've used at our BBQ/ wedding party.

The party was in a renovated barn with a stream nearby (goose and ducks included).

We did it all by ourselves, a real DIY wedding. Sometimes we cursed of course, especially when we were hanging up the lighting. We chose a string of light bulbs, like below.

We made the barn more cosy with a lot of plants, bamboo, ivy and flowers on the table.

Our cake inspiration:

Because I'm a graphic designer it was kind of logical I designed our wedding invitations.

... NEVER again! (ok, not that I will ever get married) But it was really the hardest thing I've done. It was never good enough.


Our invitations consisted of five cards, held together by a hemp rope.

They were printed on 600gr paper.

Next time I will write about THE dress and my DIY hairdo. Stay tuned! ;)

note: You can find the credit of the images on my pinterest board here.


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