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selfmade birth cards of our daughter Kato

25.03.2018 - The date, our daughter Kato was born after 19h of hard labor. This date cut my life in two and I suddenly became a mother. There's a song of Sara Bareilles I'm getting emotional every time I hear it, because it's so true.

No words can describe my feelings about what happened last year. It has been a real rollercoaster! I not just became a mother with almost no sleep. We also sold our apartment in Antwerp and moved to a small village. We are renovating our new house. It's dated from 1955, so there's a lot of work to do over several years! More about that over here.

All this combining with my fulltime job and long traffic jams is very intens to handle. There's no time for me-time and Atelier Tinika. Also social media is the last stuff I'm thinking about (as you can see at my last post).

My body and mind almost have no energy, so now - without being woolly - I'm trying to find back my balance. I want to start a new journey, with more rest and self-care. So I don't have to drag my body around and try to care for our baby girl, doing the household, being a good partner, an employee, a 'creative entrepreneur' (and a good daughter, friend, daughter-in-law etc.). I'm trying to pick up the things that give me energy, like blogging, drawing/painting and dating with friends. Doing more exercise is also something I should do... ahum.

In the meanwhile we 're also enjoying how our baby is growing/learning. It's our little miracle and we're very proud. OK, it's very intens and heavy, but also so beautiful ♥ Life is such a strange thing.

This is a very personal post, so you can understand the gap of silence on this website.

How was your first year of becoming a mother? I would like to hear.


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