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Creative process of a collection

mood board summer peach ochre femininity - by Atelier Tinika
Today I want to show how my creative process for a collection works.

First, images or settings come in that inspire me. That could be when I'm walking around town, leafing through a book, or when I come across photos online.

Something about the image can suddenly trigger me, which can prompt me to create a new collection. This could be due to the composition, the colours, or the theme.

My 'Sunrise' collection was triggered by the colors. I started this last summer to work out. But we were also in the middle of a large move at the time, because our house was being completely renovated. It was a very chaotic period, which meant that my Sunrise collection was left behind. In the meantime, new inspiration has also arrived for another collection, which I feel I should develop first. But I will tell you more about this in my other post.

Blablabla, this is the initial process of the 'Sunrise' collection, but it is planned for further development in the spring. Keep you posted!

Here is a description of how I work and start a new collection:

1. inspiration comes in (see image above)
2. mood board of selection images, materials, colors, ...

mood board by Atelier Tinika

A mood board can linger for a number of days. Which I will look at every now and then, so that the idea can mature a bit.

3. Preliminary studies or color studies

color studies, painting process - by Atelier Tinika

4. elaboration

I prefer not to be disturbed during the performance. Then I'm completely in my own world. Put some music on and have some tea... That's why it's often difficult for me to take videos or photos while I'm working. That takes me out of my 'creative zone'. But of course, I try to do that as much as possible.

painting process - by Atelier Tinika

5. Final work
painting acrylic - Lemons and flowers - by Atelier Tinika

One painting is finished, but there is still work to be done from the spring onwards.

I especially enjoyed working with the color combinations and experimenting with the volatility. Let me know what you think and whether you are also curious about the rest of the collection. I'd love to hear it :)




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