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How we renovated our nursery

A lot has changed if you've read my post about our home renovation.

In 2018 our daughter was born and we moved from a little apartment in the city to the country in an old house - build in 1955. In the mean while we cleaned up our garden, installed a temporary kitchen and bathroom, all our windows and front door has been renewed. In the fall of 2020 our roof has been completely renewed with a dormer window.

In June 2020 I became pregnant with our son. This time I really wanted to create a baby room. Since it wasn't possible for our daughter with our move etc.

He will sleep in the smallest room of the house, which will be our bathroom in the future.

I thought it was fun to share the process of how we got to our nursery room.

First I made moodboards and pinned a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. This way I found out what kind of nursery I like most.

Besides the styling, I also chose the color palette and a mural.

My husband first removed all the wallpaper and sanded and smoothed the walls. Then he painted the walls with Levis Paint, with composite colors from the paint mixing machine.

When they were finished, I've painted a very easy mural of an ocean landscape.

My husband then placed the new cork floor and skirting boards. A cork floor is an environmentally friendly natural product, 100% sustainable, wear-resistant & maintenance-friendly, sound absorbing and insulating & energy-saving... Well if those aren't top perks! ;-)

Then I shopped all decoration and furniture online. Here are all the items we've bought.

  1. lamp - Kidsdepot

  2. flags - Zara

  3. bookshelf - Kidsdepot

  4. doorknobs - Zara

  5. chair - LaRedoute

  6. carpet - Zara

It's a bit difficult to get a picture of the whole room because it's so small (any tips to take nice images of small rooms, please let me know). So, I also made a little video.

And below you can see before & after the renovation.

We still need to do some final touches like hanging the ufo lamp & bookshelf and some accessories, but we're already very happy with the result!

Now our baby can come.

What do you think about the result?


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